6.3.1982 my first gig for the company

The company "Stamer" was founded in 1981, constructing and manufacturing loudspeakers for instrumental- and reinforcement- systems. Later they opened the first sound system rental in the south/west of Germany. In 1982 I started my work as a live sound engineer for them.

Special challenges / difficulties:
With the big range in event forms I found a great variety in new experiences in the live sound field.

Through my cooperation with the Neunkirchen based band "Double You" I came in contact with the company Stamer, located not far from Neunkirchen.
In Münchwies Lothar Stamer manufactured, loudspeaker cabinets for instrumental and reinforcement purposes first with the help of a single employee – Rüdiger Kimmlinger. Due to the high quality of their products in sound and workmanship the company attracted more and more attention in the local music scene. At this time there were no companies in our region and few in Germany were you could rent sound reinforcement systems for events. Thus Lothar Stamer decided to establish a so called PA-company. Together with Karl Heinz Schäfer from Elversberg I became one of two executive engineers who were responsible for operative work of this PA rental company.

Through these activities I could extend the horizon of my experience into the field of the spoken word (e.g. conferences and theatre). In very short time I came in contact with a lot of different musical styles, which caused a kind of epiphany. It became clear to me, this is it. From that time on I was on my way to make this wide and fascinating field of sound my career.


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