End customer: Saarland Tour Team

3 days of events with different concerts for the arrival on 7.July 2002 of the "Tour de France" in Saarbruecken

Special challenges / difficulties:
Beside the realization of live-concerts of different bands, several radio- and tv-broadcasts had to be integrated into the stage events. The spectrum of the appearing band had a big variety. Due to product-sponsorship demands specific items had to be considered in the planning of the sound reinforcement system.

On the occasion of the arrival of the "Tour de France" 8.7.2002 events were carried out in Saarbrucken at several places over a three-day period from the 6th up to the 8th of July 2002.
I was asked by the "Saarland-Tour-Team" to take care of the planning and organization for the stage on the "Tbilisser-Platz", right in front of the state theatre of the Saarland. Partly regular concert events were running there just for the audience on site. But there were also a program with integrated radio- and/or television-broadcasts. Therefore the audio-infrastructure on the stage had to be planned in a way that all audio-signals from the stage were available not only to the FOH- and the monitor- mixingboard but also to radio-& tv- obvans as splitted signals. A high safety standard had to be respected for the whole backstage area because of many well-known and multinational artists ("Die Prinzen", "Laith Al-Deen", "Reamonn", "Patricia Kaas" etc.).
Another consideration was the Saarland-State-Theatre that had own access- and security- areas which had to be respected directly behind our backstage area.
Technically the stage had to be equipped in a way that the mostly complete live playing artists and bands could be served according to their technical riders. Over the course of the day some rather compressed time windows led to very short change-over times. That required a very detailed planning of the storage area on and off stage.
Over the day constant reports of the "Tour de France" and interviews with videos from the approaching "Tour" had to be considered in the planning and managing for the LED-wall right next to the stage.
During the whole planning and realization phases I was on one side the link and main contact for "Saarland-Tour-Team", "City of Saarbruecken", "Saarlaendischer Rundfunk" and the upcoming artists and/or their engineers and management.
On the other side were all the companies that were in charge of the stage-construction, sound reinforcement, stage-lights, led-wall and external obvans. I was solely responsible for the coordination of all needs and timetables and again I took over the Stage management during that three day event


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