End Customer: Lycée classique d'Echternach

Planning and Realization of the sound system and Front of House mix of a ballad opera.

Special challenges / difficulties:
Bandwidth of the musical spectrum, structure of the venue, number of participants, scenes with high demands on speech intelligibility


In December 2004, a large music spectacle took place at the Basilica in Echternach again. Under the name "Ultima Ora" this time a ballad opera was planned to play.

The basic room acoustic challenges were the same as in 1998 for "ORALBORA" (see project) and 2004 "Pandora"(see project). The technical Realization was quite similar to the 2004 project. The biggest difference to "Pandora" was that I decided not to use a conventional reinforcement system but a line source array namely a L-Acoustics "Kiva" System as main PA.

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Ultiam Ora at musique.lce.lu

 Newsreport from Tagebaltt as PDF (scroll down)