29.09.1981 my first gig with the band

"Double You" was a Funk/Soul-formation around the US-American singer Bob Mency which appeared nationwide during the time when I joined the band.

Special challenges / difficulties:
Back then, having had very little experience with formations that size before. Working at more and more complex mixes broadened my horizon.

In the middle of 1981 keyboarder Herry Schmitt asked me whether I could imagine being part of the funk/soul-band Double You" as "soundman" After visiting a rehearsal at the "Rombach", - the so called "Rehearsal room heaven" of Neunkirchen-Wellesweiler, I agreed to take on that task. "Double You" had 2 female Backing Vocals to support the charismatic singer Bob Mency. I also had to deal with a 3 -headed horn section (trumpet, saxophone and trombone). The prospect of colleting experience out of our region attracted as well.

At the time when I became part of the band:
lead vocal, 2x backing vocal, drum, bass, keyboard, trumpet, saxophones, trombone, with varying musicians.

Info / Specials:
Mid 1982 the "Neunkircher" formation broke up and a new band was funded with Saarlouis at its center. The name remained the same, but were only Herry Schmitt, Bob Mency and me were left over from Neunkirchen.

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