Welcome to Holger Stedem's website.

Here I would like to give you some information about myself, my job philosophy and the work I realized in the past.

Mainly, I will focus on projects to which I also have some informative pictures, because a homepage should also be nice to look at.

To avoid juridical problems from the start, I will not use any protected media on this page.

I will show here that my priority lies on activities in the live-event-area.I'm also active  in pure consulting as well as the studio- and mastering-field, but that will not be a central theme here.


One remark is still important to me:

From my own experience I'm well aware, that in our society there is one rather widespread prejudice: "Bad orthography is a sign of a weak intellect".

Somebody told me that in times of Twitter and Facebook the lack of correct orthography is rather the rule than the exception today:


As a precaution, therefore, I will put here unconventional coinages and sentence creations under copyright protection ;-))

Do you have any remarks or questions?

Please, get in contact to me