End customer: Saarland Tour Team

Realization and planning of the stage activities for a show event at the square in front of the castle in Saarbruecken. The occasion was the arrival of the bicycle race "Deutschland Tour 2003".

Special challenges / difficulties:
The planned spot of the stage brought some challenges in the planning phase of the project. There was a construction area in the neighborhood of the stage, moreover, stage and cloakrooms and the whole backstage area were separated from the stage by a public street.


Like in 2002 with the "Tour de France" the arrival of the "Deutschland Tour" 2003 in Saarbruecken was to be framed with different events. This time I was charged by "Saarland Tour Team" to take care of the planning and realization of the stage at the Saarbruecken castle square.

Again this event was to be a mixed event. The artists who appeared on stage were playback as well as pure live acts. During the preliminary stages the planning as well as the execution was pretty much alike to the project on the "Tbilisser Platz" in 2002.
The special site directly in front of the historical city hall at the castle square brought some specific infrastructural problems which had to be appropriately taken into consideration. During the whole buildup and event phase a part of the castle square was cordoned off as a building site area; this had to be considered as a safety hazard.
The only possibility to create a backstage and cloakrooms area was inside the historical city hall behind the stage. The problem for its integration was a public street that separated stage and city hall. For the duration of the event we got the permission to temporarily close this street. But we had to ensure that this street could quickly be unblocked at any time for emergency vehicles (fire brigade, police and rescue cars should be able to pass this part of the street etc.).
Because of the internationally known artists(Masha, BRO! SIS, Watershed, Wonderwall), the backstage area had to be able to offer a minimum in security for this persons.

On top of the planning of the stage I took over the stage management for this event.

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